4x5 Monochrome Images


Because I don't like the way modern cameras do everything for you, or require a course of study and a small child to point out the appropriate place in the manual.

These images were taken with a sixty year old camera - an Micro Precision Press - through a lens equally old, and are all on 125ASA Ilford FP4+. They haven't been played with other than by the auto-correction for gamma, gain, and black level in the scanning software (XSane under Ubuntu 10.04); all the dust, scratches, and fingerprints are my own work.

Many of these images display patches where the chemistry has not flooded the negative evenly in development. Due to a limited number of film carriers, I had to develop them on the day taken in hotel bathrooms and other unsuitable places; however I kept some to develop later and unfortunately the heat and humidity was unkind to the gelatin on the film. Particularly bad ones are #0005, #0007, and #0010 but there are other less severe instances.

The images were exposed at the default 125ASA with the intention of printing on normal bromide paper. In the darker images (e.g. #0009, #0013, #0022, and particularly #0023) there is information visible in the darker areas but the scanner over-exposes and cannot resolve them. Future work might be better exposed at 80ASA or slower - though that brings the possibility of overexposure in the whites... Dear Ilford, please can we have the gorgeous PAN-f in sheet film?

All images are copyright Neil Barnes 2002-2011 and may not be used for commercial purposes without my express permission - are you listening, Google?

Warning: the 'thumbnails' on this page are approximately 100kB each. Downloading the images behind them will require about 10MB each, and they will expand to over 100MB each.



0003: Rua São Jose, Rio de Janiero

0004: Church interior, Rio de Janeiro

0005: Beach, Espirito Santo

0006: Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais

0007: Tiradentes, Minas Gerais

0008: Church, Minas Gerais

0009: Station, São João del Rei

0010: Town square, Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais

0011: Station, São João del Rei

0012: Church interior, São João del Rei

0013: Station, Tiradentes

0014: Steam Train, Tiredentes

0015: Steam Train, Tiradentes

0016: Anita, Eva, Gabi (and Toby)

0017: Eva and Anita (and Toby)

0018: Anita, Eva, Gabi (and Toby)

0019: Eva and Anita

0020: Tiradentes, Minas Gerais

0021: Tiradentes, Minas Gerais

0022: Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais

0023: Bar, São João del Rei

0024: Church interior, Rio de Janerio

0025: Street market, Rio de Janeiro

0028: Downtown (Osorio's statue), Rio de Janeiro

0029: Disused hotel, Paineiras, Rio de Janeiro

0030: Tidally cleaned street, Parati

0031: Church, Parati

0032: Town Square, Parati

0033: Dona Flor Restaurante, Parati

0035: Tidally cleaned street, Parati

0035: River, Parati

0036: River, Parati

0037: Portrait with bicycle, Parati

0039: Harbour, Parati

0040: Bicycle, Parati

0041: Rio de Janeiro

Copyright © 1995-2011 Neil Barnes - 14 April 2011