A Better Nixie Clock

Nixie Clocks, Take Two!

In a perfect world, this would be photographed against a carefully chosen background with two or three lights and reflectors to get the look just so... This ain't a perfect world, so what you see is how it looked on my work-table.

This is a further evolution of the clock whose history is described here...

I won't repeat the stuff about the design, pausing only to note the gory details:

Here's another shot of the clock, this time showing the insides and the setting switches on the back of the box:

You'll see that the circuit board for the display has the tracks uppermost. It's impossible to solder the connector on a single sided board otherwise. Both boards are single sided, though the controller board has half a dozen wire links which I've shown on the layouts as top-side tracks.


Be warned; there are 180v on the exposed tracks on the upper circuit board, and also at sundry points along the back of the control board. It's not referenced to earth, but there's still enough volts there to give you a jolt and enough current for a potentially dangerous or fatal shock. If you don't know what you're doing around high voltages, don't build or operate this circuit.

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