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Photo of statue, Bretton Sculpture Park

Acts of random strangeness

I have obscure tastes. Some of those tastes are here. If you enjoy them, drop me a line... nailed_barnacle

The text contains its own lexicon

My MSc dissertation on how to identify that words that don't really exist are spelt correctly.

More details and the dissertation

Fiat Coupe

One of the best-looking cars around - and even the slow ones, like mine, are pretty quick...

Fiat Coupe Engine Management
Serial and USB ECU interface to a laptop


Parachuting is something you do when both engines are on fire and one of the wings have fallen off. Jumping out of a plane and hoping it will open sometime before you hit the ground? Life's too short...

Paragliding, on the other hand...

Paragliding in Rio

Or learn to paraglide near London here: Green Dragons logo

Nixie clocks, and more Nixie clocks

A technology from the fifties that still looks good today. Plans, circuit diagrams, and software for a clock of my own design, plus links to other builders and suppliers. Use the take two version for a later version, completed and running for almost a year at the time of writing this.

Nixie clocks

More nixie clocks

AVR code:

I'm very impressed with the AVR 8-bit range of microcontrollers - particularly the Mega parts. Here are some code snippets and unfinished code. It's all available under the GNU LGPL license, even if it doesn't have the appropriate details in the source.

AVR code

Digital Filters

Somewhat out of date now, but still effective. If you want a graphical interface to help you design finite impulse response filters, here it is. Don't bother asking for the registered version; there isn't one, courtesy of too many changes of hard disk over the years, and the fact that Microsoft have made the original compiler not work with Windows 2000. Naturally, the code doesn't compile with MS compilers. When I get the energy to chase down quite why it doesn't work, I'll update it. Until then, you're on your own.

Digital Filters


A written art form, something akin to the Haiku and the Drabble. An entire story must be told in exactly fifty words - no more, no less. These have been contributed by members of the newsgroup rec.arts.sf.composition and are published with their permission. All rights are reserved; all copyrights belong to the original authors.


4x5 Images

All these images were taken with an ancient (1940/50) Micro Precision Press camera, using FP4 sheet film. They were taken and developed in Brazil, in some fairly difficult conditions for the chemistry to work, and I've scanned them at 2400dpi using an Epson Perfection 2450 Photo with a transparency unit.

The images on the linked page are 'thumbnails' reduced to 800 pixels as their largest dimension, and average 100kB or so each. The actual images behind them are 10MB or so compressed, and will expand to over 100MB if you download them.

Big Images!

Hemel Hempstead, 18th April 2011

Caller ID code

Three pieces of code in C to use with US style caller ID. It will probably work with a minimum of changes with UK caller ID, but I don't have that service and I can't be bothered getting it to check :)

All code is intended to be compiled on MSVC++ 4.2 though it will probably work on later stuff.

nbfsk decodes individual bytes from the Bell 202 coded audio, sampled at either 7200 or 9600 samples per second.

nbcid decodes the message itself and displays the results

cidmaker creates audio files with your choice of data and an optional overlaid noise, for testing purposes.

Caller ID

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